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COSTA DO MARFIM / Côte d'Ivoire

The Ivorian government uses a Gulfstream IV (Registered TU-VAF) as a VIP aircraft.
G-1159A Gulfstream III (TU-VAF) SET 2008

G-1159A Gulfstream III (TU-VAF) NOV 2007

Narrative:Ivory Coast Prime Minister Guillaume Soro departed Abidjan at 09:52 in the morning on a flight to Bouaké. The aircraft was carrying an unknown number of Soro's delegation and 20 journalists.After landing the Fokker 100 taxied to the apron. At that moment it was hit by at least three rocket-propelled grenades. One grenade penatrared the right hand side of the fuselage. At least four people are reported dead and five seriously injured. Soro survived the attack.
Sources: » Le Premier ministre ivoirien Soro échappe à une attaque à Bouaké, 4 morts (AFP, 29-6-2007)» Ivorian Prime Minister Soro Survives Attack on Plane (Bloomberg, 29-6-2007)» L’avion de Soro attaqué à la roquette (L'inter 30-7-2007)

TU-VAA Fokker 100 (F-28-0100) MAR 2007

TU-VAA Fokker 100 (F-28-0100) OUT 1999

TU-VAN Fokker F-28-4000 Fellowship aircraft JUL 1978

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