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Pakistan Government Transport, the government carrier, currently operates an Airbus A310 and one new Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV Gulfstream IV-SP to transport government officials for the President and Prime Minister's use. The plane is commonly called "PAK ONE", the callsign under which it operates. The government also used Boeing 747 in the past from Pakistan International Airlines, the national flag carrier.
Before it came into service, Boeing 707s[7] had served as the primary presidential aircraft. President Muhammad Zia-ul-haq used a LockheedC-130B [8] for his trips. Previous Prime Ministers Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto used a Boeing 737 [9] for their official trips. The airliner was maintained by Pakistan Government Transport. The Pakistan Air Force plans to purchase a Gulfstream V for transportation of high-ranking government officials and foreign dignitaries. These aircraft are based at Chaklala Airbase near the capital city of Islamabad.
PIA always transport the Presidents and Prime Ministers of Pakistan on overseas visits. During the late 1990s, Prime Minister Sharif's govternment bought a Boeing 737-300[24] for official use. Initially it wore a government colour scheme, and eventually a partial PIA 1990s livery was adopted as the aircraft was given to PIA for commercial use while it was not on official duty.
However, when the government changed after a military coup in 1999, the Boeing B737 was transferred to PIA permanently. The President and Prime Minister then resorted to using two of PIA's Airbus A310-300 for official visits, while rare trips were done on regular commercial flights of the airline. In February 2007 the government of Qatar gifted one of their VIP fleet A310[25] to the Pakistani government, this has ended the need for PIA planes.
A new executive jet has been acquired for use by President Pervez Musharraf, raising the number of aircraft in the VVIP fleet to 14.The 10-seater Learjet is one of the three planes whose procurement was approved by former prime minister Shaukat Aziz.
The country’s VVIP fleet includes G-IV, Cessna Citation V, Cessna Citation Excel, Learjet 35, Learjet 45 XR, Raytheon Hawker 400, Falcon 20, Cessna Conquest II, Bell 412 helicopters (3) MI-17 helicopter Airbus A310-300 and now the new LearJet .
Two other jets ordered may land in Pakistan after the elections. These jets are for personal use of president and prime minister.
The value of the new luxury jet was about $60million. As Dawn Newspaper reported on 30/11/2007.
(AP-001) Airbus A310-304 ABR 2008

(AP-001) Airbus A310-304 ABR 2007

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