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The Royal Thai Air Force's 602 Royal Guard Squadron operates a Boeing 737-800 for the Royal flight mainly for the King and Queen.
The 602 Royal Guard also operates an Airbus A319 and Airbus A310-300 for the Royal flight and VIP's flight.
The Royal Thai Government used to use an Airbus A319 named "Thai Ku Fah" for government flights in PM Thaksin era. Now the Airbus A319 has been moved to the Royal Thai Air Force to operate for Royal and VIP flight.
HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn also own a Boeing 737-400. This aircraft is the HRH's private plane and he also fly this aircraft himself.
The Royal Thai Air Force's 402 Royal Guard Squadron, a helicopter unit, uses Bell 412STs for Royal flights. The helicopters are expected to be replaced, as they are approaching the lifetime limit for VIP duty.[citation needed] The replacement for this helicopters are Sikorsky S-92 Superhawk. Expected to deliver in 2010 for Royal flight and VIP flight.
Boeing 737-448 (99-999 90409) jul 2007

Boeing 737-8Z6BBJ (N369BJ) MAR 2007 55-555

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